Review & guest blog: Pregnancy beauty tips by Sebrina Butler of Miracle Bump

January 30, 2013 § 1 Comment

Meet Sebrina Butler, yummy mummy, founder of Miracle Bump – the most natural and nourishing cream to help prevent stretch marks during pregnancy.

Miracle Bump

In fact, it’s a ‘crème’ not a ‘cream’, which means it boasts even more luxurious rich, thick and velvety texture to pamper your bump. Its natural organic ingredients mean it’s perfect for sensitive skin, no added water, no added preservatives, no added colouring. Over 50% raw and pure shea butter. (Can you just imagine the delicious smell??) Well, I was lucky enough to sample a pot of Miracle Bump, because, it’s not just for bumps you know. As long as you want to moisturise dry skin and ward off stretch marks – this is the solution.

Each Miracle Bump creme arrives in a beautiful jar wrapped with their signature black ribbon. The natural shea butter scent pierced through the packaging and I instantly had to indulge my skin in a little Miracle Bump therapy. My sister, who was 4 months pregnant at the time, swiped the goodies from under me and has since been the proud owner of Miracle Bump. The Miracle Bump method is essential to get the most out of the creme. My sister is still going strong with the creme and tells me it also helps to relieve itchiness! Bonus! I know I found traditional oils didn’t help to relieve the bump itch(!) (I would like the creme back Sis but I’ll put bumps first………)

Sebrina has kindly offered our readers a few beauty tips and insider info on the Miracle Bump regime:

Maintaining confidence and feeling beautiful can be task in general for women. Mix that with hormones and a huge bump, it is clear feeling special in pregnancy is paramount.

The days of frumpy, slow motion pregnant women are done. Fashionable & sassy mums-to-be are the present and the future. Mums now juggle work and pregnancy in style and manage to keep a social life until the 3rd trimester.

Over at Miracle Bump HQ, we are firm believers that yummy mummies can keep a beautiful body. It’s a myth that a ruined body has to be part of the pregnancy package. Our luxurious, 99% Natural Stretch Mark Crème is here to protect your skin the way nature intended.

Our advice to all pregnant women is to be proactive about stretch marks. 75% of women will develop them if you take no prevention methods. It is important for your baby that you pay attention to the ingredients that you apply on your bump. You don’t want alcohol, preservatives, parabens or sulphates near your baby. We have developed a crème which is 99% Natural and highly concentrated with the best skin healing ingredients. Our crème contains no added water, the reason for this is water dilutes the ingredients, compromises the quality and weakens the results achieved. There are links between stretch marks and Post Natal Depression, the logic is simple happy mum equals a happy baby.

A simple beauty regime works wonders and takes little time. Here are a few natural beauty tips perfect for pregnancy:

  • Dab Sweet Almond oil under your eyes to reduce bags and dark circles
  • Moisturise your skin daily  to protect your skin, pay attention to the ingredients
  • Apply Miracle Bump Luxury Stretch Mark Crème to help prevent stretch marks
  • Apply Coconut oil fortnightly as a hair conditioner for thick, healthy & glossy hair
  • Release feel good endorphins, keeping your body toned using a light antenatal exercise DVD.
  • Treat yourself to a Manicure & Pedicure. It’ll look fab and most importantly, massages are great for blood circulation.
  • Keep hydrated to prevent water retention and stretch marks

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